The Fourth Way with Anthony Blake


I just spent the weekend with Anthony Blake and on the plane ride back from Washington, DC I took my notes and pulled out the following quotes which summarize his teaching given on Summer Solstice.

there is no separation

between your eye

and the furthest star


everytime you do anything

it changes all future potentials


the circle

the symbol of wholeness

also represents zero

the symbol of nothingness


there are a totally unacceptable

number of gods


when you add it all up

the energy of the universe

equals zero

the all of everything

is nothing

this upsets some people

and delights others


don’t explain it

experience it


if it matters to you

do it


to create a new reality

make yourself a cooking pot

throw in lots of different ingredients

and turn up the heat


you only see what you expect to see

your mind creates your reality

nothing else even registers

your beliefs blind you


it’s not easy being human

if you dare interrupt a talk on love

you’re immediately hated

if you want to be right

you’re wrong

you want cooperation and agreement

but only on your own terms

if it doesn’t justify your world view

it makes no sense to you

our minds are a bundle of recurrent ideas

with a preconceived narrative


if you’re not thinking

with the whole of your body

you’re not thinking


before we accepted the principle of ignorance

we had to invent gods

otherwise we were faced

with an unaccountable infinity


we are thrown into awareness

there is no map

and no manual

all the rules are made up

you have to create your own path


the cosmology of the whole

is the logosphere of ideas

created from a limited perspective

where time meets meaning


we all serve great nature

in a process of reciprocal maintenance


freedom is real

in spite of all appearances


the opposite of time

is eternity

the opposite of space

is infinity


to come to a place of completion

will cost you everything


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