Anthony Blake in Nashville

anthony blake seminar

DuVersity sponsored Anthony Blake for a weekend seminar held at Scarritt-Bennett center in Nashville.  Along with the lectures embracing the theme of “The Resurrection of the 4th Way in the 21st Century” there was music including oboe, santor, Chapman stick and guitar with musicical interludes before and after the lectures, Anthony also read T.S. Eliot’s Ash Wednesday accompanied by the musicians, and we had Turkish folk dance by Travis Jarrell.  Here are the aphorisms derived from notes taken during the event.

explanations kill

music has an intimacy that can’t be found in words

true understanding embraces the whole


risk is the key

allow contradiction

open new doors

step into the unknown


if you want to play by the rules

this game is not for you


real understanding

disrupts the equilibrium

embraces new experiences

and creates different ways of describing


intelligence is in your ears

in your sex organs

in your skin

in your actions

feed your feelings

your thoughts

and your movements

not just your body


“Never do things like other people.”  the last words Gurdjieff’s grandmother spoke to him.


the intellect

is a rusty machine

unable to perceive uncomfortable truth


we are imprisoned

in the dream

of the conditioned mind


think the unthinkable


unless a truth is in your bones

you don’t get it


the school of ignorance

recognizes all truth is an error

all facts are fictions

if you can’t use it

it will poison you


use your whole body

as an organ of perception


ordinary movements are a habit

repeating a repertoire of gestures

ordinary emotions are a habit

mired in reactivity

ordinary thinking is a habit

stuck in repetition


practice makes you a slave

to your slavery


exercise your awareness

invest in it


the burden of belief

is the illusion of existence


what you say

and what you do

typically have nothing to do with each other


the approach

is better than the arrival


expect the unexpected

pay attention to the gaps


the perfection of doing

is when the doer disappears

the doer eats the energy


yes but

is the typical form of discourse

yes and

amplifies the understanding


“Only that is true which everyone knows.”  Goethe


tune to the matrix



come to presence


the condition of complete simplicity

costs not less than everything


there is no initiation

except self initiation


meaning happens in the gaps

between expectations and reality


feel the nothingness at the heart of your being

if you get depressed

you missed it


seek out the parts of yourself

you didn’t know exist


understanding is lost

in information

that which is ignored

is the most precious part


books are agents of entropy


you can never be sure of anything





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