Mystical Atheism

058a Artwork by Harry Smith


great works of imagination

give to each person

everything they are capable of receiving

they have the freedom of the vagabond

they question all values

they are an affront to enterprise and competition

they have a saintly detached objectivity

like the great Mississippi

they receive everything that flows into them

deriving character from the muddy Missouri

the clear flowing Ohio

the rebel rivers of Tennessee

until disappearing into endless deltas

no longer there

except where it was before

we observe its flow

live along its shores

commit ourselves to its currents

where change

is the only constant

056a Artwork by Harry Smith

“O Earth O Earth return!”   Wm Blake


those dowsing for realizations

that re-enliven the entire universe

with the cosmic pattern

common to all things

call for the creation of new music

that makes the walls of the city fall

and frees the suppressed desecration

of the accretion of reason

that encrusts imagination

closing the doors of perception

to justify murdering indigenous original inhabitants

enslaving other races

eliminating other species

poisoning the food

and threatening the global ecology

with the hypnotic




of materialistic greed

until the great call

of self initiating poetry

with genuine gnostic prophecy

and the primal pragmatic mindfulness

of aesthetic vision

calls for apocalypse now

to mutate new forms of social economic survival

that overcome self defeating stupid catastrophic extinction

with the evidence of ecstatic awareness

one with the all living nature



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